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ATVIC International Academy is a clear-focus day school with dual locations in Abuja. We offer a Crèche through Senior Secondary academic program with our Nursery and Primary school located in Kubwa, at 128 Jubilation Estate opposite liberty hotel, Arab road and our Secondary school at 7, Odumuso Close New Site, Dutse-Sagbayi, Abuja.

We are dedicated ultimately to the quest for students’ greatness at the most significant level conceivable, with an end goal of guaranteeing that our pupils can unhesitatingly stand tall behind world-class rostrums. Our aligned Nigerian and British curriculum prepares students for success both on national and international examinations. We have highly trained educators who are experts in their field of study and offer an excellent teaching approach that is engaging and learning stimulating. Our teachers understand pupils have differing potentials that require contemporary multi-faceted ways to nurture and sustain. As such, we take exceptional interest in the individual student’s various areas of need concerning scholastic ability and sociocultural skills development.

All our efforts are focused on fulfilling our core mandate – ensuring that we produce students with sound character and integrity to uphold in line with our mission: To Build Character and Uphold Integrity through Qualitative Education. We prepare them to be resilient, confident, caring and respectful and engage them in exercises that promote self-discovery. Our methodology is basic as our energetic teachers impart discipline in a learning climate that incites scholarly interest as well as phenomenal character improvement and creativity in the malleable personalities of our students. Our core priority is to ensure our children are safe from harassment, bullying, assault, accidents etc. Hence, our Child Protection Strategy is updated and subject to review from time to time. We pride our school on a clean, secure and tranquil environment that earns us unprecedented admiration and respect from our parents and peers. Our foremost objective is to produce exceptional pupils as the best option for the best universities around the world following our vision statement: To become a reference centre of learning and character development with a deep passion for excellence. We are determined to constantly improve our performance through state-of-the-art technologies and an up-to-date curriculum while celebrating our recent achievements. To this end, we thank you for visiting our website and look forward to welcoming your kids to the ATVIC International Academy.

Think Leadership and Excellence! Think ATVIC!

Our Vision


To become the leading  best practices school of choice

Our Mission


To build character, and uphold integrity through quality education

Our Core Values


  • Collaboration
  • Caring
  • Creative
  • Continuous Learning.

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