An educationist, Mrs Olayemi Obanure said Nigerian curriculum looks confusing thereby affecting the quality of education in the country.

Mrs Obanure who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the New Hope International School Abuja made the remark in an interview with Daily Trust, in Abuja on Sunday. “The Nigerian curriculum looks confusing at any time these days. In those days, we went to public schools and the public school I went could compete favourably with the top private schools we have today”.

According to her, if schools depend on the Nigerian curriculum alone, children would not be well educated. She alleged that Nigerian curriculum had been infiltrated with sentiments and inconsistency. She suggested that the policy makers should look back and bring the rich curriculum that was being used before for the betterment of the country.

According to her, ever changing Government policies on education, multiple taxation and lack of provision of infrastructure are some of the challenges facing education sector. She however, called on Federal Government to take proactive measure and make Nigerian curriculum more inclusive for the betterment of the country. She suggested that other important subjects that were removed from the curriculum should be reintroduced to make children acquire more skills at very early tender age.

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